Tuesday, January 29, 2013

"Barking Mad"...Well, possibly, but here's a preview

 "Barking Mad is a stirring collection of images that were taken in the Willamette Valley, Oregon, during the summer of 2012. The parks and wildlife in Oregon are very beautiful and Corvallis is no exception. This book will be a real treat for tree lovers all over the world."

Over the summer of 2012 myself and my amazing, beautiful, gorgeous wife (that should guarantee I play some Guild Wars 2 today), spent our evenings walking in a local park called, Crystal Lake Playing Fields. Over the space of three months I put together a collection of photographs I published as "Barking Mad" on Blurb, Lulu and iBooks. It mostly consists of very up close shots of tree bark, hence the name, that show the character of some of these ancient trees. Looking at them I could really see where Tolkien got his ideas for the Ents in "The Lord of the Rings". Some trees just look as though they have the character of an old poet who has spent his life in deep thought, and now has the lines of wisdom to show for it. Others look as though time has turned them to stone and looking inside is like looking into a cave rather than inside the trunk of a great tree. And that is hopefully what I portrayed in "Barking Mad". 

Here is a brief preview of some of the images in the book:

 "Barking Mad" is available to buy from the following book stores in both paper and E-book format for your preferred device, enjoy!:



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