Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Hair & Light

Experimentation is important to me as it's the best way for me to learn new techniques, so to this end I've been taking shots of my wife +Linda Dean 's hair. I like the way it forms into waves when she leaves it out of her plat. It sort of ripples in the light and I wanted to try and capture this. So just as the sun was about to vanish below our neighbour’s house Linda suggested I take a few shots, the light was hitting her hair at a good angle. 
She had just taken it out of the plat and it was still showing the wave effect that I like. I love black & white and think it can add real character to an image. It really helps to highlight the shadows and gives an image a great film noir atmosphere. All you're short is smoke, fedoras and Tommy guns.
Of course colour has its own charms and I love playing around with different effects on colour pictures, trying to highlight the right areas and really bring the image to life. Getting the lighting just the way I want it and getting those great dark shadows to stand out.

This is like an amazing new adventure for me and I am loving sharing the adventure with everyone. Following inspirational people on G+ like +Mitchell Stauber and +Trey Ratcliff  has given me a new lease on life. The encouragement I've been getting from my wife has kept me going. And I can't wait to see where it takes me in the future. For anyone out there that maybe thinking of getting started but are doubting themselves, I say, just go for it, who knows where you'll end up. Get shooting and don't listen to negative people that try to hold you back.

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