Sunday, April 21, 2013

First walk of the spring season

Well almost anyway as it's still cold and grey here. Anyway, we did manage to go on our first walk of the "semi" spring season a couple of nights ago and as usual it was a great excuse to start snapping and playing around with more images. I'm still not entirely sure which device I like best, my ageing desktop or my tablet for tinkering with pictures. I'm definitely leaning towards my tablet at the moment as there are some great apps available. I also like the touch experience for editing, it just feels more natural to me then using a mouse and keyboard.
This is one of our favourite paths to walk here in our local park in Corvallis. Even on colder greyer days it's a really pleasant and relaxing walk. It leads the whole way around the local playing fields and must be at least three miles around. I shot all my images for "Barking Mad" last summer in this park.
As you can see above, it may not look like it but summer is definitely on the way. There is fresh growth all around and leaves are once again showing on the trees. I'm just looking forward to warmer weather and longer evenings as the summer rolls in once more.
+Linda Dean and I took very similar photos of the above tree, Linda claims hers is much better and it can be seen on her G+ profile. I'm not convinced but then again I might be a bit bias towards my own work.
I love the moss that hangs from the branches of certain trees, it can give the tree an almost "Sleepy Hollow" or fantasy look that I love. It creates a great atmosphere for an image and allows for fantastic creative freedom when editing. You can do a lot with it to create the scene you've imagined in your head. All the above are the kinds of shots I love and I get great pleasure from walking and shooting with +Linda Dean even if it's not as warm as we'd both like it to be.

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