Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Playing in the Garden

Over the past couple of weeks we've been getting the garden ready for summer. This gave me a great opportunity to snap some shots as we worked trimming, planting and landscaping. I managed to capture a few good pictures before the weather turned sour on us again. The first shows leaves left over from the Autumn and I just loved the bronze colour they turned as they degraded over the Winter months.
I thought the detail came out very well in this one, all the veins and ridges of the leaf are clearly seen and the fresh green growth of Spring in the background gives the image a good contrast.

The second image is of a Bulb we planted in the Autumn. It flowered in the past week as the weather heated up. I've always loved the way black & white images look and feel. They have a certain atmosphere to them that is more difficult to capture in colour. I also tend to notice little details more in black & white than in colour images.
I'm not sure what kind of plant the third image contains but that has to be one of the nastiest looking thorns I've seen. I would not fancy getting a hand or finger stuck on that thing.
I captured the fourth image while we were putting down bark at the side of our driveway. As we worked I noticed a crack in the old fence and thought it looked interesting so I grabbed the camera from my pocket and captured this image.

The fifth and final shot for this post is just a straight wasp eye view of the bush that stands next to our front gate.
I'm really happy with the way it turned out and hope to take more like this as the weather improves and we head into summer.

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