Thursday, April 25, 2013

Playing with apps again

When I first bought my tablet around a year and a half ago, I liked it but thought it lacked creative apps at the time, it being an Android tablet. All that has changed now though as there is an abundance of decent creative apps to choose from. My personal favourite being Snapseed, and that's what I've been playing around with over the past few days. As the weather has picked up here and we have started getting out for more walks, I have begun collecting images and this year I am taking a different approach to my photography. Last year I decided not to use any post processing but this year I'm going full steam ahead and letting my imagination do its job. So to this end here's a few images I've been playing with over the past couple of days. It's pretty incredible what you can achieve with a phone or a tablet these days and it's only getting better as time moves on.
I love the lines and shadows in the above image, it sort of ebbs and flows and the centre is almost like a great mouth reaching out to lunge at passing prey.
Again along the same lines, this one struck me as fiery serpents writhing in torment as they emerge from their place of birth, the safety of the nest no longer an option, they must now go forth into the wider world and create life of their own.
I really liked the way the shadows turned out on the above image, they gave the petals of the flower an eerie feel as if a Necromancer straight from Guild Wars had just walked by, staff in hand, twitching and glaring in disgust at the sight of the flower. With a quick wave of his hand the flower starts to shrivel and the Necromancer moves on giving the dying flower one last withering glance.

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