Friday, May 31, 2013

Lunch Time Sushi

Today I experienced my first time in a Japanese restaurant and I was not disappointed. I have had sushi before, we have it frequently here at home and I always really enjoy it. But up until today I had not eaten in a proper authentic Japanese restaurant. And even as I sit here writing this post my mouth is watering at the thought of the meal we experienced a couple of hours ago. You know the old saying "Twas like an angel crying on me tongue!" well now I know what that saying means.
This was the delicious meal we were presented with at Sada Sushi & Izakaya.We purposely chose a variety of different sushi so we could experience as much as possible without turning ourselves into Mr Creosote.
The Rainbow rolls consisted of salmon and Tuna rolls and was really nice and light. It was a great one to start with because it eases you into the experience nice and easy without over powering your taste buds. Just behind the Rainbow rolls were the Spicy Kiska rolls. These rolls were slightly spicy but still quite mild and the spices definitely did not light your tongue up like a chilli might. This was also my first time trying roe (fish eggs).
Next came the Spider rolls, now these were also a first for me because it was my first time trying soft shell crab, deep fried soft shell crab to be exact and it was delicious. Soft with a slight crunch and mild flavour.
And last but definitely not least were the Crunchy Lobster rolls. Now these were my personal favourites. They were lightly fried to give them that soft crunchy consistency and had a lovely mild mustard sauce on top for that extra flavour. I'm not a huge fan of very hot mustard but the milder variety can really add to a meal.

I remember a couple of years back watching a +Chris Pirillo video where he visited a friends sushi bar in Seattle and had sushi for the first time. He nearly collapsed in shear delight when he had that first taste. Now I know what he was talking about, it really is a must try meal and well worth a try even if you're a some what fussy eater. And if you're in the Corvallis area I highly recommend Sada Sushi & Izakaya.

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