Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Transplant of a Rose

Last autumn we transplanted a miniature rose bush from a very dull spot on one side of our house. It was a sad looking object that was really struggling to survive. We have massive trees on three sides of the house, not all ours but they still block a lot of sun light during the summer. This had caused this particular miniature rose bush to really struggle. So we decided to transplant the bush to the front of the house in the hopes that we could save it and hopefully watch it bloom this year. Well, I'm glad to report the transplant worked and we have a blossoming miniature rose bush in our front garden, full of flowers and life. And to prove it, I have taken a small but nice collection of shots to show off just how bright and colourful it has become.
The clear blue sky really helps bring out the colour of the roses and variation in the different roses shows just how healthy the bush has become since we replanted it.

The yellow gives the petals a velvet like appearance near the centre of the flower. We'll be trimming these early flowers so more can be produced as the season continues.

To give you some perspective, the bush itself is only about a foot high but the first cutting produced nine or so flowers with tons of blooms left to produce more.
I love the contrast in the above image between the rose and the background leaves. The red edges and veins in the rose leaves look fantastic and I am very happy with this capture. Hopefully over the course of the summer I will get a lot more opportunities to capture more shots from this miniature rose bush. But until then I will be keeping a close eye on it to see how it develops. It really is incredible to see such positive change since we replanted it though.

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