Saturday, July 20, 2013

Images from the 4th of July

I just spent my second 4th of July in the US and this year we had fireworks to celebrate as well as a new camera. This was also my first time shooting fireworks so it was a learning experience all round. Fireworks are a bit more tricky to shoot then I thought they would be.
I'm happy with the few I got, I actually took over three hundred shots but I wasn't happy with a lot of them. It was a positive learning experience though and I really like the way these few turned out.
Talon is extremely photogenic in my opinion and that makes my life a whole lot easier. He seems to get that from his mother +Linda Dean.
Both of them had a great time running around while I had fun snapping them. None of the these shots were posed though, they were all spontaneous which I prefer. Spontaneity is far more natural looking than posed shots.
I loved the way the sparklers lit up his face, it turned out really well and I'm very happy with the shot. Shooting fireworks to me though involves a lot of luck, sometimes it works great and sometimes it turns out rubbish. You just have to have patients with yourself and your camera and it will come together for you in the end.
We set off different types of fireworks but the shots of the sparklers turned out the best as far as I'm concerned and that is why I'm only showing these few for now. We had a lot of fun, we set ours off at around ten and our neighbors across the street started theirs at midnight so we got two shows to have fun with. It was a good test for my new Nikon and I am very happy with it.

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