Sunday, March 23, 2014

My New Photography Store

It took me some time to get it together and decide which route I wanted to take but today I finally created a store for my photography. After much deliberation I decided to go with "Imagekind" as they offered the best solution for me and allowed me to start with a free account with the option to upgrade at a later date.

For a year and a half I have been building up a good collection of images but couldn't decide what to do with them, whether to publish photo ebooks of my images or sell prints. For now I've decided to sell prints and see how it goes. I may yet publish specialized ebooks if I find a good option for publishing them. So far (as much as I might dislike it) Apple iBooks seems to be the only realistic route for publishing photography ebooks. Who knows what the future will bring though and maybe, just maybe, Ubuntu will offer an alternative for photography and art ebook publishing in the future (that's a hint guys just in case you didn't pick up on it.) There actually is some really nice photography software on Linux now and it's improving all the time. But that's for another day, for now I need to sign off and get back to editing. In the mean time you can find my new store here:

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