Saturday, May 17, 2014

Barn Day

A few days ago on our new cycle route we came across an old barn out by Bald Hill. At the time I didn't have the camera with me so I didn't get any shots. Today however we returned to the barn armed to the teeth with the Nikon D5200.
This was my first time seeing one of these old style barns up close, they're a hell of a lot bigger than you'd think from a distance. I mean, it's really not a case of leaping off the top into the old watering hole. I'm not sure if this particular barn is an original or a replica, it looked like it had been moved here from somewhere else and rebuilt as a monument to times gone by.
I managed to get some really great shots of +Linda Dean and that I am very pleased about. I'm really into black n' white photography right now and I'm really enjoying the images I'm getting.

Some really are just a case of timing, shooting just at the right moment and being very lucky.
We're working on a new book release and have been busy discovering interesting places that suit the theme of the book. Today I think we found a great one and it was a lot of fun capturing the images.
I even managed to capture +Linda Dean hugging a tree (which she's not to pleased about), actually she was just measuring the width of it but I liked the way the picture turned out.
I'll have more news on the book as we get closer to release, it is a ways off just yet. But for now we'll continue cycling, discovering and shooting anything and everything that finds itself in front of the lens. I love just being out and about with the Nikon or even just my phone at times snapping away and seeing what comes out.

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