Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Life's great passions

I have two...no...three great passions in life right now, Ubuntu, photography and beer. Yes, beer, not your everyday run of the mill churned out by the keg load beer but the finely brewed craft beers that are popping up all over the place right now. I could easily name one hundred that I have tried in the last two years. My favourite of course being the darker varieties, red ales, brown ales and of course stouts and porters. I to take picture of them, to try and show people how good they really are through images. And if possible to make you thirsty, thirsty enough to pry you away from your comfort zone and get you to try one of these wonderful brews for the first time.
Nothing worse than an empty bottle but in this case it makes for a good picture.
I took these when we were home brewing, we managed a few very good brews. They didn't last long around here though.
There is very little better than an afternoon lunch time brew. Maybe good food but I like to have both, savouring each.
Stouts and porters are definitely a must with me with reds and browns not to far behind. The image above is of a 6 AM stout, one of the very best I've tried. It goes down well with a good burger, mushrooms, onions and so on.
I could snap away pictures of beer all day, trying to get the right angle and get in focus before the head goes.
On an odd occasion I'll have a lighter variety, maybe even an IPA if the hops are not completely overpowering. I do like hops in beer but sometimes they'll take your breath away they're so strong. Coming from the Isles I tend to prefer malty ales over hoppy ales if that makes sense. I prefer the real hoppy beers around Xmas, for some reason they just feel right at this time of year.

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