Sunday, June 1, 2014

A play on light and shadow

I've been playing around with shadows and silhouettes today, I love these types of images. I especially like the Noir style of photography and film, I probably get this from watching old gangster movies growing up, oh and that's Capone style gangster as opposed to a rapper style gangster. This first image I took a few weeks back but seeing it again today for the first time in weeks made me look twice at it.
It just hit a note with me, one of those ones you get lucky with when you are not trying for something special.
And this one is just one of those moments in time captured for our memories in years to come. I have never liked posed images and have always preferred action shots. The kind that look like you have just frozen people in time and space for future generations to see. I am very happy with the way this one turned out.
And another, in the background +Linda Dean and Talon can be seen in deep conversation as Linda explains the finer points of trigonometry to Talon. It is wonderful to watch Talon at times, he is so inquisitive. He questions everything around him in his quest for knowledge and doesn't blindly follow commands.
And to finish today's adventure here's one I just kind of liked, it's not fancy or artistic but I like the way the shadows fall. Once again, it was taken in our favourite park, well, the exit to our favourite park. I'm also very happy with the progress the old beard is making, kind of reminds me of my Dad in some ways. Looking forward to the day my brother decides to grow his out, we'll be like least we will be after I dye his grey and white, nothing a little chalk dust couldn't take care of! lol
Quick edit because I forgot to add the above image, I really like the way the beard is silhouetted in this shot and felt it had to be included in this post.


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