Sunday, May 18, 2014

Quick Check In

Well I finally got around to refreshing my store front on Imagekind. It's pretty much fitting together now with the style of this blog and the style I've been looking for. I find it pretty amazing the tools we have at our disposal these days. Makes life a lot easier than it would have been a decade ago.
Still lots to do and fair few images to process, I think I'm going to display some of the digitally altered pictures I've been hiding away for a year or so. Even though I didn't have the Nikon at the time, I still really like the images I managed to capture. It feels good to finally have a proper store up and running and I'm looking forward to displaying more work over the coming weeks. I will also be continuing to age pictures for friends back home involved in the re-enactment community. That is something I get great enjoyment from as I have always loved history. It helps to keep the old skills fresh while at the same time learning new techniques. That's about it for now as I need to get back to editing. In the mean time feel free to check out my store and also the public albums I have on Flickr. Also, if anyone ever wants to organise a photo walk in Corvallis or surrounding areas feel free to get in touch on G+ or drop me a message in email. It could be a lot of fun as the summer months roll by. Oh and before I forget, +Linda Dean and I are planning a fifty mile cycle this Tuesday, we have done a few twelve mile stints in the last couple of weeks and that was with some pretty steep hills so we are hoping we'll be able to make this one on Tuesday, wish us luck. And of course we will be posting updates along the way to our G+ streams so stay tuned.

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