Friday, May 30, 2014

Playing with HDR and shedding lbs

In our never ending quest to shed a few pounds (double figure numbers) we've been heading out to some really great spots. We have basically spent our spare time the last week walking, cycling and hiking if only a short hike. Since I've been addicted to my Nexus 5 lately I decided to play around with the HDR, not the HDR+ on the camera but the HDR in Snapseed.
I love the effect, it's like an instant painting, if you can get the right light it works really well.
It works great with landscape shots, I haven't really played around with HDR+ yet. I have taken a few with the Nexus but haven't looked closely at them yet. I've just really been enjoying playing around with Snapseed. It would be nice however if it could handle larger images than it does.
The auto-panorama is also pretty incredible, this next one was pieced together on G+ from several images I took while we were out at Bald Hill.
And it's pretty seamless as far as I'm concerned. The software is getting really good, can't wait to see what the next few years brings us. I think though at the moment it's still better to take the photos with a DSLR and then play with them in an app like Snapseed. That's where I've gotten the best results, however, the convenience of having a pretty decent camera in your pocket does count for a lot. 
And here we go with the obligatory black n white photo, I just can't get enough black n white. I love the way they look, there is something timeless about black n white photography. I love the light, the shadows and the fact that +Linda Dean is on her Nexus in this one bitching on G+ about me taking yet another black n white picture, how cool is that?

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