Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Stiff as a plank

We have really been pushing the exercise this last week and today was no exception. In fact I am sitting here writing this post with legs as stiff as planks of wood. We started today with a cycle to north town to cancel our T-Mobile account and do a bit of shopping. After that it was time for the fun stuff, a walk through the wooded part of Crystal Lake Playing Fields followed by a kick around on one of the many football (soccer) pitches. Again I decided not to bring the Nikon as I was really going for exercise and also because I am having a whole lot of fun with the Nexus 5 right now. You are however in luck in that I decided on a few colour shots today, mainly because we had an encounter on the way with the biggest fracken dragonfly I've ever seen. This guy was big, mean, armoured and busy looking for a place to rest when we stumbled along with our cameras.
We must have been a comical sight creeping forward one step at a time trying not to disturb it before we got a few shots.
I am really not surprised this one had to rest awhile, the armour on it was really impressive. I could not imagine another creature in the insect world (at least here in Corvallis) taking this one on.
Just look at that tail, if anyone knows what kind of dragonfly this is, please let me know in the comments. I'd be really interested in knowing and maybe doing a bit of research on them. This was the first time we'd seen this particular kind and I'm wondering if it's a rare type or if they are common in the Willamette Valley.
Now before you get to excited about the colour pictures I am still in a black n white sort of mood and I thought this was a good one from today's haul. I just kind of like the way it looks. And that's really it for now, I will be taking the Nikon out very soon and I am also currently editing a whole lot of pictures from awhile back.

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